Exclusivo Amigos Imagen: Marta Botas.

Actividad infantil

May 2025


The museum will become a laboratory and we the inventors.

Research in the paintings will give us clues to the impact of discoveries like the printing press, the telescope and the compass.

Rediscover how technological advancements changed the way we understand our world and what were those innovations – the mobile phones or the internet of the past.

WHEN Sunday 11th May
TIME 16:30-19:00
PLACE & ENTRANCE Fundación Workshop c/Antonio Maura 4
AGE 7-12
INSCRIPTION 50 € child
Con la colaboración de
Fundación Adey



• We request punctual drop off and pick up.
• Children´s entrance y pick up: Fundacion Workshop, c/ Antonio Maura, 4 floor -1 ( downstairs).
• Children may only be picked up by an authorized adult listed in the form provided by their parents or guardians.
• Children should wear comfortable clothing that they may get dirty.
• If you’d like to contact us during the workshop, you may do so at 687244370.
• Please do not bring mobile phones or smartphones to the workshop.






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